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Programming Guide is a good reference that will enable users use the main features and functionality of the followng : ActiveX, CGI Perl, C++, InterDev, Java, JavaScript, Vbscript, Visual Basic and VC++.

Table Of Contents

Learn ActiveX
ActiveX was some kind of programming language like C++, HTML or JavaStuff. In fact, it's all of them and none of them. ActiveX is a technology—a way of using a computer's environment to communicate over the Web efficiently and reliably. HTML, C++ Visual Basic, DirectX, and many other tools can be used to take advantage of ActiveX technologies.

Learn C++
This guide is designed to help you teach yourself how to program with C++. You'll learn about such fundamentals as managing I/O, loops and arrays, object-oriented programming, templates, and creating C++ applications--all in well-structured and easy-to-follow lessons. Lessons provide sample listings--complete with sample output and an analysis of the code--to illustrate the topics of the day. Syntax examples are clearly marked for handy reference.

Learn CGI with Perl
Each chapter of this quide,  includes lots of programming and HTML examples. This quide is an excellent resource for the novice Perl programmer; a detailed explanation of Perl is included with most programming examples. There is no assumption of the programming skills of the reader. Every programming example includes a detailed explanation of how the code works.

Learn Visual InterDev
In this guide you will get a general overview of the Internet and the World Wide Web, intranets, and a discussion of the features of Visual InterDev. Then you are introduced to database connectivity and communication. You learn all the aspects of using a database, from inserting a simple connection to using the Visual Data Tools in Visual InterDev to gain maximum productivity and features. Finally you learn how to integrate objects into yo applications. You also learn how to implement some of the more advanced features of Visual InterDev into your application, like building your own design-time control and using Active Server components to create a mutlitiered application.

Learn JavaScript
JavaScript is the programming language of the Web. Programming your Web pages makes them more dynamic and interactive. Our JavaScript quide is an easy to follow tutorial with lots of useful examples and source code. Every example is loaded into an online HTML editor to let you test and experiment with every part of the code.

Learn Vbscript
VBScript is one of the most exciting new players in the rapidly expanding universe of technologies loosely termed the Internet. The purpose of this quide is to teach you how to use VBScript. As a brief prerequisite to that journey, consider why VBScript is such an important part of the Web page development arsenal. Perhaps the best way to understand the potential of this future-centered technology is to take a look at how far the Internet has come.

Learn Visual Basic
This guide is for programmers and would-be programmers who want to learn Visual Basic as quickly as possible without sacrificing the foundation necessary to master the language. Visual Basic is a product one can use at many levels. New comers who have never programmed can create a complete working Windows program in less than two hours, as this quide demonstrates. Those who have programmed in other languages will appreciate Visual Basic's design, which makes creating a Windows program more like designing a screen with a mouse-driven art program.

Learn Visual C++
This quide teaches you more than just the language. This quide attempts to teach you how to program correctly, concentrating on proper coding techniques in addition to the Visual C++ language.