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Operating Systems Free tutorial

This Guide, presents a high-level overview of ( Microsoft Windows NT, RED HAT LINUX and UNIX ) Operating systems.

Table Of Contents

WINNT Guide, will show you how Windows NT represents the next generation of operating system, as well as a network operating system through its robust 32-bit design. You learned a little about the history of Windows NT, which shows that its designers took great care in crafting NT to be a true enterprise solution.

This Guide introduces you to the major features of Linux and helps get you acquainted with them. It  goes into great detail and cover any many advanced topics,  it is intended to give you a head start in understanding what Linux is, what Linux offers you, and what you need to run it.

Learn UNIX
UNIX Guide,  will help you llearning :
How to navigate the file system and how to use mail.
Instructive lessons on how to use vi, EMACS, sed.
How to program in the Bourne Shell, C Shell, and Korn Shell.
How to program in awk and Perl.
How to create your own man pages and formatted text.
How to install UNIX and power it down.
How to administer the file system, user accounts, the network, security system, mail,news, and devices