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The internet Free Guide

The internet guide intends to help you make sense of ISPs, clients, servers, FTP, UseNet, and all those other words you might have heard. You will be taken step by step through those tasks that you will most often use on the Internet. You will know how to navigate the Internet from the time you get connected until the time you hang up.

Each chapter is actually a lesson that offers you a chance to follow along with exercises. In addition, there is a Q & A section at the end of each lesson as well as a short self-quiz and an activity that you can complete on your own to reinforce what you have learned

Table Of Contents

Learn Internet
The Internet Guide shows you many of the things that make the Internet an outstanding tool for communication. You'll learn about newsgroups and how to communicate with thousands of people by clicking your mouse. You'll also learn how to carry on live, real-time conversations over the Internet, as well as get information on some of the hottest new technology such as Net Phones.

Learn TCP/IP
This guide will cover all the protocols involved in TCP/IP. Each protocol is examined in a fair level of detail to show how it works and how it interacts with the other protocols in the TCP/IP family. Along the way, this quide shows you the basic tools required to install, configure, and maintain a TCP/IP network. It also shows you most of the user utilities that are available.

Learn Java Games
Throughout this quide, you learn about game programming from a very Web-centric perspective. This is only natural because Java is very Web-centric itself. You learn all about the unique benefits (and drawbacks) of developing Internet games in Java for the Web, accompanied by plenty of source code that you can reuse on your own projects.