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Perl Online tutorial


  At a Glance

Chapter 1   Getting Started

Chapter 2   Basic Operators and Control Flow

Chapter 3   Understanding Scalar Values

Chapter 4   More Operators

Chapter 5   Lists and Array Variables

Chapter 6   Reading from and Writing to Files

Chapter 7   Pattern Matching

In Review   In Review

Week 2   Week 2 at a Glance

Chapter 8   More Control Structures

Chapter 9   Using Subroutines

Chapter 10   Associative Arrays

Chapter 11   Formatting Your Output

Chapter 12   Working with the File System

Chapter 13   Process, String, and Mathematical Functions

Chapter 14   Scalar-Conversion and List-Manipulation Functions

Week 2   Week 2 in Review

Week 3   Week 3 at a Glance

Chapter 15   System Functions

Chapter 16   Command-Line Options

Chapter 17   System Variables

Chapter 18   References in Perl 5

Chapter 19   Object-Oriented Programming in Perl

Chapter 20   Miscellaneous Features of Perl

Chapter 21   The Perl Debugger

Week 3   Week 3 in Review

Appendix A   Answers

Appendix B   ASCII Character Set