Web based School

New Chapters In Review

You have now completed the third and final week of your pursuit of knowledge about the exciting new Visual InterDev. During the first and second weeks of your journey, you learned about the client and server components that can be integrated into your Web-based applications. The third week covered some advanced topics surrounding Visual InterDev and taught you how to truly integrate these components into your application. You also learned about some ancillary tools that can aid in your development.

Where You Have Been

The third week began with a detailed lesson that covered the integration of ActiveX controls and Java applets into your application. Next, you learned how to develop a design-time ActiveX control using the Visual Basic Control Creation Edition. The following Chapter focused on another advanced topic as you learned how to truly integrate Active Server components into your application.

During the middle part of the week, you discovered how to properly manage your web site files using the tools included in Visual InterDev. You also learned how to integrate source code control into Visual InterDev with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. The third week also covered the topic of debugging and presented a new script debugger from Microsoft. The final Chapter enabled you to apply your knowledge by developing an application.

My wish for you is that you use the knowledge contained in this guide to develop killer apps for the Web. These are exciting times for developers, and Visual InterDev is the perfect tool to sustain your enthusiasm. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have enjoyed presenting this dynamic and integrated tool for Web-based development. Armed with the lessons you have learned from this guide and the power of Visual InterDev, you should now be prepared to untangle the technologies of the Web.