Microsoft Visual InterDev Tutorial

Web based School

Appendix A

Additional Resources

You have learned a lot of information by completing the 21 Chapters of lessons contained in this guide. The topics covered in this guide have probably piqued your interest about a lot of different Web technologies. This appendix provides some additional resources that would be very good next steps for you to take in your pursuit of the killer app for the Web.

You can use this URL to access the home page of Macmillan Computer Publishing USA. You can then proceed to the home page to check out updates to the information contained in this guide as well as additional Internet guide resources.

Microsoft Home Page

This URL address is the main home page for Microsoft. Because Visual InterDev integrates many Microsoft technologies for the Web, you can access this Web site to keep up with all of the new tools and technologies from Microsoft.

Microsoft Visual InterDev Home Page

This URL address is Microsoft's home page for Visual InterDev. This site includes FAQs, white papers, demos, tutorials, and links to other information concerning Visual InterDev.

Microsoft VBScript Home Page

This site contains general information concerning VBScript.

Microsoft SiteBuilder Workshop

This site is an excellent resource for any Web developer. From this site, you can access information concerning every aspect of web development, from designing a web site to the site's final implementation.

Gamelan EarthWeb

This site is an excellent resource for information about Java.

JavaSoft HomePage

This site is another excellent resource for information on Java.

Java Boutique

This site enables you to download over 100 Java applets that you can integrate into your applications.

World Wide Web Consortium

You can use this site to keep up with the latest drafts on HTML specifications.

Microsoft Internet Information Server Home Page

This URL address represents the home page for Internet Information Server (IIS). You can access a wealth of knowledge about IIS as well as Active Server Pages.

Microsoft Visual Basic Home Page for Web Developers

This web site contains information concerning Visual Basic that is targeted at web developers.