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Red Hat Linux rhlxc

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The Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project is a loose team of writers, proofreaders, and editors who are working on a set of definitive Linux manuals. The overall coordinator of the project is Matt Welsh, aided by Lars Wirzenius and Michael K. Johnson.

Welsh maintains a Linux home page on the World Wide Web at

They encourage anyone who wants to help to join them in developing any Linux documentation. If you have Internet e-mail access, you can join the DOC channel of the Linux-Activists mailing list by sending mail to with the following line as the first line of the message body:

X-Mn-Admin: join DOC

Feel free to get in touch with the author and coordinator of this manual if you have questions, postcards, money, or ideas. Welsh can be reached via Internet e-mail at or at the following phone number: (607) 256-7372.

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