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Red Hat Linux rhlxb

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Commercial Vendors for Linux

This appendix lists all the commercial vendors that sell Linux distributions. See Appendix A, "Linux FTP Sites and Newsgroups," for a list of FTP sites that have Linux for free. The advantage of getting Linux from a commercial vendor is that you get a lot of software bundled in one package instead of having to do it yourself. You can also get a list of these vendors from the Linux Journal, a monthly periodical:

      Linux Journal

      P.O. Box 85867

      Seattle, WA 98145-1867

      Phone: (206) 527-3385

      Fax: (206) 527-2806

The Linux Distribution-HOWTO file contains up-to-date information on Linux vendors that bundle packages together for sale. This list is maintained by Matt Welsh, The HOWTO file can be found in /pub/linux/docs/HOWTO/Distribution-howto at

Debian Linux Distribution

      The Debian Linux Association

      Station 11

      P.O. Box 3121

      West Lafayette, IN 47906

Full releases are available at

Yggdrasil Plug-and-Play Linux CD-ROM and the Linux Bible

      Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated

      4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205

      San Jose, CA 95129-1034

      Toll free: (800) 261-6630

      Phone: (408) 261-6630

      Fax: (408) 261-6631

InfoMagic Developer's Resource CD-ROM Kit

      InfoMagic, Inc.

      11950 N. Hwy. 89

      Flagstaff, AZ 86004

      Toll free: (800) 800-6613

      Phone: (602) 526-9565

      Fax: (602) 526-9573

Linux Quarterly CD-ROM

      Morse Telecommunication, Inc.

      26 East Park Avenue, Suite 240

      Long Beach, NY 11561

      Orders: (800) 60-MORSE

      Tech Support: (516) 889-8610

      Fax: (516) 889-8665

Sequoia International Motif Development Package

      Sequoia International, Inc.

      600 West Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 300

      Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

      Phone: (305) 480-6118

Takelap Systems Ltd.

      The Reddings

      Court Robin Lane, Llangwm

      Usk, Gwent, United Kingdom NP5 1ET

      Phone: +44 (0)291 650357

Trans-Ameritech Linux Plus BSD CD-ROM

      Trans-Ameritech Enterprises, Inc.

      2342A Walsh Ave.

      Santa Clara, CA 95051

      Phone: (408) 727-3883

Red Hat Software

      Red Hat Software

      25 Sylvan Road South

      Suite F1

      Westport, CT 06880

      Phone: (800) 454-5502

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