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New Chapters

In Review

You have now completed the second week toward your goal of learning Visual InterDev. During the first week, you learned how to use Visual InterDev to build the client portion of your application. This second week provided you with the knowledge to perfect the server side of the application equation. The lessons taught you how to integrate both the client and the server to build a better Web-based application. You now have a good handle on all of the components that you can use to create the killer app! You also understand how Visual InterDev provides the tools for completing the client and the server side of the application equation.

Where You Have Been

Much of this second week has focused on database integration. At the beginning of the week, you learned how to use Visual InterDev to communicate with a database. Next, you discovered the Visual Data Tools included with Visual InterDev. The lessons focused on how to develop a closer relationship with your database through the use of these tools. You learned how each of the Visual Data Tools combine pure power with ease of use. The topic of managing your database components also was covered during the second week. This lesson taught you how to use the Database Designer to manage and create components within your database.

After spending several lessons covering database integration, the second week switched gears to focus on other advanced topics. You received an in-depth lesson about integrating Active Server Pages within your application. The next two Chapters focused on objects and controls that you can use to construct the user interface for your application. First, you learned about HTML controls and forms. Next, you learned about advanced objects, including Java applets and ActiveX controls. The final Chapter of the second week taught you how to use the power of design-time controls to meet the needs of your application. You discovered how these exciting new controls can make your development life easier.


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