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First Chapters

In Review

The first week has been filled with information about Visual InterDev. You have discovered how this exciting new tool completes the application development puzzle. You learned about the features of Visual InterDev and had a chance to build your first project. The first week focused a lot of attention on the client side of the application equation. You should now have a good feel for how Visual InterDev addresses this piece of the puzzle.

Where You Have Been

At the beginning of the week, you received a brief overview of the importance of the Internet, intranets, and the World Wide Web. This introduction was followed by an in-depth look at the features and capabilities of Visual InterDev. You also learned about design and development considerations for your Web-based applications. You developed your first Visual InterDev project by the middle of the week. Next, you were introduced to the FrontPage Editor for Visual InterDev. During this part of the lesson you discovered the joys of visual editing. Toward the end of the week, you traded your developer hat for a creative artist's beret as you learned how to use the Image Composer and the Music Producer to spice up your web pages. The final Chapter presented the dynamics of using client-side script to enhance your application.


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