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  All Categories: Programming >> Java and Javascript
  Software titles : 176-200 of  520 found.
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176 - JavaScript Iris PopMenu  1.0
Creates professional menus with iris effects for web pages.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 575 KB
  01/12/2019 Download Now
177 - Mandrixx Java Slideshow  v3.0
MJS is a fully parametrable java slideshow applet. Runs in the middle of a web page, window or fullscreen, with crossfading, realtime color filters, easy setup, advanced features. MJS is a great improvement for your web site !
License: Shareware    OS: Cross Platform    Size: 622 KB
  02/18/2019 Download Now
178 - JavaScript PixLines PopMenu  1.0
Creates professional menus with pixlines effects for web pages.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 575 KB
  03/12/2019 Download Now
179 - Atrise Everyfind  6.0.0
Everyfind allows you to design a website search engine script for web site, CD/DVD, MP3/OGG music and your PC.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 2.67 MB
  02/14/2019 Download Now
180 - Applese  v1.0
is an Enterprise Application Development (EAD) tool that helps you develop business objects using Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) technology.
License: Demo    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 1 MB
  01/24/2019 Download Now
181 - MathAid Probability and Statistics  25.63
Java based math course includes theoretical concepts, hands-on examples featuring animated graphics and live formulas, problem-solving lessons, and customizable real time tests with solutions and evaluations.
License: Demo    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 670 KB
  02/10/2019 Download Now
182 - AnyJ  v1.3.3
is a cross-platform Java IDE and source code engineering solution.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 10 MB
  02/06/2019 Download Now
183 - Advanced Sliding Text Software  4.7
This applet is very efficient and as a result will enhance your visitors viewing experience. Supports Text, Images & Hyperlinks. Features include setting Colors, Fonts, Indents, vary the Pause between pages, Links, Scroll Speed, Background Image,etc
License: Shareware    OS: Cross Platform    Size: 101 KB
  01/12/2019 Download Now
184 - CodeThat Studio  2.5.0
CodeThatStudio is a tool that enables you to create JavaScript solutions from the CodeThat in visual environment.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows    Size: 6025 KB
  01/26/2019 Download Now
185 - J2Native  2.0
Software development kit for working with native code from any Java application without using Java Native Interface (JNI) technology. You can call functions from any dynamic library or use system API without necessity to waste time on studying JNI.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: Other    Size: 793 KB
  01/22/2019 Download Now
186 - Table Applet  2.0.2
This java table component and applet enables you to display your data in rows and columns in your java and web applications.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 0.23 MB
  01/15/2019 Download Now
187 - Java Authentication and Authorization Service  v1.0
is a Java package that enables services to authenticate and enforce access controls upon users.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT    Size: 115 KB
  03/06/2019 Download Now
188 - Tipue Standard Edition  1.0
JavaScript site search engine
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 2000    Size: 823 KB
  01/21/2019 Download Now
189 - CoffeeCup Navigation Fac  2.0
Easily Create Java Banners for Your Website
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 813 KB
  03/01/2019 Download Now
190 - JJct  v1.0b
is a very simple Java source code editor and IDE.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 180 KB
  03/01/2019 Download Now
191 - Antechinus JavaScript Editor  5.0
Add JavaScript code to your HTML pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 5.3 MB
  02/24/2019 Download Now
192 - Link Show (Text/Horizontal Edition)  1.0
Link Show v1.0 (Text/Horizontal Edition) is an easy-to-use and completely customizable preview-type horizontal menu system.
License: Demo    OS: Other    Size: 101 KB
  02/19/2019 Download Now
193 - JavaScript StarField Bac  1.0
Add moving star effect to web pages.
License: Freeware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 12 KB
  01/04/2019 Download Now
194 - Dynamic Web Page Effects  4.72
Dynamic Web Page Effects allow a variety of effects & controls to be added to web pages. They allow more information to be placed within an area and at the same time provide visitors with a dynamic interactive experience.
License: Shareware    OS: Cross Platform    Size: 436 KB
  01/01/2019 Download Now
195 - Kalimantan  v1.0 beta 2
is a set of simple Java development tools.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 95/98/Me    Size: 329 KB
  02/07/2019 Download Now
196 - CodeGuide  v2.6
is an intelligent Java IDE that analyzes your programs as you type, shows you errors instantly, and gives you powerful programming assistance.
License: 30-day Trial    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 8 MB
  03/08/2019 Download Now
197 - Professional Scroll Menu Applet  3.2
Configurable scroll menu style.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 38 KB
  02/10/2019 Download Now
198 - JavaScript ProgressBarCl  1.0
Display current time as progress bar.
License: Freeware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 443 KB
  01/01/2019 Download Now
199 - JSuite  v4.0
is a set of 19 JavaBeans components for enhancing the user interface of any Java application.
License: Demo    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 3 MB
  03/02/2019 Download Now
200 - Link Show (Text/Vertical Edition)  1.0
Link Show v1.0 (Text/Vertical Edition) is an easy-to-use and completely customizable preview-type vertical menu system.
License: Demo    OS: Other    Size: 40 KB
  03/12/2019 Download Now

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