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SnapTalk Mac (5.1)
Cross platform private chat & file transfer utility.
License: Shareware    Size: 9.2 MB
  05/27/2018 Download Now

Hot Plan (1.4.1)
Hot Plan is a multi-purpose personal planning tool.
License: Commercial    Size: 1.6 MB
  10/21/2018 Download Now

Mailings (2.0.05)
Mailings is a full featured application for batch emailing.
License: Commercial    Size: 4.8 MB
  01/17/2018 Download Now

OmniWeb (5.10.1)
OmniWeb is a Web browser based on Apple WebKit
License: Freeware    Size: 25.3 MB
  01/29/2018 Download Now

Portable Cyberduck (3.0.1r3.0)
Portable Cyberduck is the Cyberduck FTP and SFTP portable version.
License: GNU Public License    Size: 11.4 MB
  02/20/2018 Download Now

Yummy FTP (1.8.2)
Turbo charged FTP client for Mac OS X with many advanced features
License: Shareware    Size: 12.2 MB
  02/11/2018 Download Now