All Categories: System Utilities >> File Management

  All Categories: System Utilities >> File Management

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   Disk Usage Analysis (35)
   File Cataloging (62)
   File Deleting and Undeleting (35)
   File Finding (19)
   File Managers (883)
   File Moving and Copying (21)
   Synchronizing and Printing (82)
   File Printing (133)
   Renaming and Attribute Editing (140)
   File Splitting (47)
   File Viewing (33)

Category Highlights

Hide Folder HiBit (5.4)
Real Hide, Lock, Encrypt, undelete folder or file.or make a folder as recycle Bin,in 1 second.
License: Freeware    Size: 1575 KB
  10/21/2006 Download Now

FPLOT (v2.35)
is a plotting program that converts directly from ASCII data to postscript output that is ready to print.
License: Freeware    Size: 158 KB
  Feb 18, 2000 Download Now

The Backup (2)
A quick and easy to use backup tool for both, beginners and advanced users. And, it is a very small program.
License: Freeware    Size: 136 KB
  3/1/2006 Download Now

Iside (1.3)
Iside confronta file e directory calcolandone l'hash code (MD5,SHA1,SHA256). Basta clickare col destro su un file, selezionare Copia e poi confrontarlo con un altro file clickando nuovamente col destro. Iside mostra inoltre l'hash di un file a video.
License: Shareware    Size: 628 KB
  8/20/2004 Download Now Hard Drive Washer (1.10)[Buy Now]
Viele Programme interessieren die Konsequenzen nicht, wenn temporäre Daten ohne sich an bestimmte Konventionen zu halten irgendwohin geschrieben und dort hinterher nicht wieder gelöscht werden. Dieses Tool erledigt diese Aufgabe nachträglich für Sie!
License: 10-day Trial    Size: 142 KB
  10/2/2006 Download Now

SizeMe (2.0.0)
SizeMe makes it possible to scan a directory and compare it to how many floppy/zip/CD-R/DVD-discs you need. It tries to fill each disc up as much as possible. After that you can then drag the files/directories into your favorite burning software.
License: Freeware    Size: 1333 KB
  4/24/2006 Download Now