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Chos   Description:
Choose OS (Alternative Boot loader) Choose-OS is a fully configurable boot loader for Linux/PC. It is a program which, when you boot your computer, allows you to select the operating system to boot. Yes, it does the same stuff that LILO or OS/2 boot manager do. Choose-OS has, though, some nice features not found in many or none other programs of this kind. Look `n Coolness: * You can choose the colors used for each image separately * You can position the menu and timer or even each image separately on screen * Hotkey can be specified for each image * And finally, you can have a background image (plain ascii text or screendump format) ! Other stuff: * Emergency bootsector - If there`s been a failure loading Choose-OS mapfile or 2nd stage loader, an emergency bootsector will be tried to load, if one specified. * Initrd,bzImage,MBR rewrite, hda/hdb and fd0/fd1 swapping, etc. * Single-shot autoboot * dosmenukey -option.
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