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1 - Dreamweaver Updater 4.0.1
Fixes GIF and OS9.1 issues.
License: Commercial    OS: Mac OS    Size: 7.7 MB
01/11/2019 Download Now

2 - FireWorks Updater 4.0.2
Addresses images with Gaussian Blur, Photoshop plug-ins, and more.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS    Size: 1.5 MB
02/15/2019 Download Now

3 - FreeHand Updater 9.0.1
Fixes linked images, improves TIFF previews, and enhances PDF export.
License: Commercial    OS: Mac OS    Size: 5.4 MB
02/28/2019 Download Now

4 - Macromedia Contribute 3.0
Create & publish webpage content.
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS    Size: 42.1 MB
01/28/2019 Download Now

5 - Macromedia Director MX 10.1r11
Latest generation Director.
License: Commercial    OS: Mac OS    Size: 26.4 MB
01/09/2019 Download Now

6 - Macromedia Director Updater 7.0.2
Update Director 7.0 to 7.0.2.
License: Commercial    OS: Mac OS
01/23/2019 Download Now

7 - Macromedia FireWorks MX 2004  7.0.2
Web design suite of many tools (updater available).
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS 9.1    Size: 32.6 MB
02/09/2019 Download Now

8 - Macromedia FireWorks MX 2004 7.0.2
Web design suite of many tools (updater available).
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS    Size: 33.5 MB
01/14/2019 Download Now

9 - Macromedia Flash (PPC)  5.0a
Macromedia Flash is a tool designed forcreating animations for use on the World Wide Web.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS 7.5    Size: 19.2 MB
02/10/2019 Download Now

10 - Macromedia Flash Player 7.0.19
View flash animation on the web.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS 9.0    Size: 938 KB
02/23/2019 Download Now

11 - Macromedia Flash Player X  7.0.19
Macromedia's Shockwave and Flash Player, as it is formally called, is one of the most ubiquitous Web browser plug-ins, allowing you to view all kinds of nice interactive animations many people have produced for their Web sites.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS 10.1    Size: 1.1 MB
02/11/2019 Download Now

12 - Macromedia Flash Player X 7.0.24
View Flash animation on the web.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X 10.1    Size: 1.1 MB
02/06/2019 Download Now

13 - Macromedia Flash Updater  5.0a
Macromedia Flash 5.0a Updater provides overall improved reliability and stability for the Flash 5 Macintosh authoring environment.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS 7.5    Size: 3.8 MB
02/17/2019 Download Now

14 - Macromedia Flash Updater 5.0a
Improves stability.
License: Commercial    OS: Mac OS    Size: 3.5 MB
02/29/2019 Download Now

15 - Macromedia Flash Video Updater 2004  1.0
Flash Video ExporterA new “two-pass” encoder that delivers even better image qualityVideo length information is included in encoded files; this information is automatically detected by the updated Media ComponentsFrames per second setting was not handled properly in some video editing software packagesMedia ComponentsBetter interoperability for RTMP streaming with Flash Communication Server, including better seeking and better scrub bar controlSupport for the new Flash Video Streaming Service powered by VitalStream when using the Flash Video Streaming Service Behavior from VitalStream Supports automatic file Video Length detection (in all forms of delivery: progressive download, RTMP streaming, and from the Flash Video Streaming Service) when encoding FLV files using Flash Video Exporter version 1.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS 7.5    Size: 1.6 MB
01/23/2019 Download Now

16 - Macromedia Flash Video Updater 2004
Fixes Flash Video Exporter and Media Components.
License: Commercial    OS: Mac OS    Size: 1.7 MB
01/15/2019 Download Now

17 - Macromedia FreeHand 10.0
Professional image illustration program.
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS    Size: 19.9 MB
02/23/2019 Download Now

18 - Macromedia Shockwave Player
Macromedia Shockwave is becoming the Web standard for powerful multimedia playback.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS 10.0    Size: 4.9 MB
01/15/2019 Download Now

19 - Macromedia Shockwave Player
Browser plugin.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X 10.1    Size: 2.0 MB
02/09/2019 Download Now

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