Burden of Time Mayan Calendar v2.0 Description:

allows you to convert classical Maya long counts into the Western calendar and visa versa.

The Maya were the greatest mathematicians of pre-Columbian America. Their calendar counted off the time elapsed since creation in a series of sacred meshed and astronomical cycles.

The calendar displays the long count dates in several styles, including face and symbol glyphs, as well as the codex format; includes examples of inscriptions; a guide which explains the Mayan calendar; and the ability to input dates as Mayan long counts, Gregorian and Julian dates, or Julian day numbers.

It features instant conversion between all three versions of the GMT correlation, support for Maya as well as Quiche and Aztec calendar round dates, day and Katun auguries from the Books of Chilam Balam, Mayan astronomy data (Moon age, Venus, and eclipse information), and a distance date calculator.

You can also convert Ring and Serpent numbers to long count positions, compute the number of days between calendar round dates (Classical and Puuc style) as well as period end dates, and reconstruct dates with missing coefficients.

Please note that the program can run under Windows 3.1.

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