The Outforce Description:

is a traditional real-time strategy game that finds mankind searching to settle a new planetary homeland.

The Outforce takes place in the far future, when mankind is fighting for survival far away from home. The human race has left Earth, after nearly getting wiped out by an asteroid, and is now trying its best to settle down in a nearby star system, the Epsilon Eridani system. We are not alone in this part of the galaxy, though. Our new home lies in the crossfire between two alien races, which also seek control of the region. These alien empires, the stout, turtle-like Gobins and the erect, proud warriors of the Crions, have nearly eradicated each other after centuries of territorial conflict and outright war. When the Terrans arrive and begin to colonize a nearby planet, both alien empires take the offensive and the war erupts again, with newfound hatred. This time, peace can only be achieved by conquest.

The Outforce is a traditional top-down real-time strategy game, played across a battlefield situated in space. To simplify the control and strategy system, the player only has to control his units along a two-dimensional battlefield, with minor cosmetic variations in depth. The battlefield is scattered with asteroids, gas clouds, and spatial debris as well as space stations, trading posts, and military bases, which are all part of an interactive environment that can be taken advantage of in the actual gameplay.

Category: Strategy and War 
Publisher: O3 Games      More titles >>
Last Updated: 01/07/2019
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