IQOS Holder Red Light

Blinking IQOS red light means that your device has poor contact with the charger. If the IQOS red light is blinking, your charger may be malfunctioning.

IQOS Holder Blinking Red Light

Red Blinking / IQOS Charger Red Blinking / IQOS 3 Multi flashing red light / IQOS Charger flashing Red Light indicate that your Holder is malfunctioning, in which case there are many ways to contact us for help.

Only Bottom Charger Light - Red Blinking- If the IQOS 3 / IQOS 3 Multi bottom charger is showing red blinking light, you’ll need to reset your device.

IQOS 2.4 Charger Blinking Red

An IQOS 2.4 Charger has three LEDs:

IQOS Battery Status LED:
- Solid white indicates that your device is fully charged, while blinking white indicates that your device is charging.
-Blinking IQOS red light means that your device has poor contact with the charger. If the IQOS red light is blinking, your charger may be malfunctioning.

IQOS 2.4 Charger Battery Status LED: Solid white means that the Pocket Charger is fully charged, while a blinking IQOS white light indicates that it’s still charging. If just one of the LED lights remains white, your device will be out of charge soon.

IQOS Holder repair

The IQOS product has a two-year warranty on purchase. The manufacturer replaces the faulty piece instantly in place for all faults, including mechanical damage of the heating blade. If you have one defective piece, the the Complaint Department will later disconnect the original device from your account and attach new ones.

How to reset IQOS Holder

You can reset IQOS Holder, while its exhausted and flash with red light, just hold the button until it goes off. If IQOS Holder reset didn't solve your problems, there is only one solution left is to file a complaint.

IQOS Holder Cleaning

Before using the iQOS Cleaner, please perform a manual heater cleaning process. To do so press and hold the iQOS Pocket Charger Heater Cleaning Button until you observe the LED notification. To clean your iQOS Holder use the iQOS Cleaner. It is easy and will only take few minutes as described below. What is the iQOS Cleaner? The iQOS Cleaner removes HeatStick fragments from your iQOS Holder’s body 9 and cap 12 . The iQOS Cleaner consists of two brushes and a cleaning hook.

IQOS Holder heater cleaning

Your iQOS System already has a built in automatic heater 7 cleaning process. However you must use the iQOS Cleaner regularly. After every 20 HeatSticks your iQOS Holder will use your iQOS Pocket Charger to clean its heater.

You will then observe the following LED notification on your iQOS Pocket Charger LED Display:
-1 Heater cleaning process is on.
-2 Heater cleaning is over and iQOS Holder is recharging.
-3 Heater cleaning process is over.

IQOS holder malfunction

What Do Red and White Lights Mean on Your IQOS holder?

New to IQOS but struggling to get to grips with the different LED lights? We will show you what each light means and what you need to do when you see each light.

IQOS Holder Blinking

If your IQOS is in one of the below stats: IQOS Holder Red Blinking Light, IQOS Holder Blinking Red Light, IQOS Holder Blinking white Light, IQOS Red Light on Holder, IQOS Holder stuck at two Lights or IQOS Blinking white Light, please follow the below guide to learn about IQOS Blinking lights and what each light means and what you need to do when you see them.

IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi - Lights explained

IQOS 3 / IQOS 3 Multi holder white light indicates that the device is working as expected.

Two white blinks - the device is outside operating temperature. Wait until device has cooled down.

IQOS red light on holder indicates that there is a device error:

Red Holder lights

IQOS case Blinking Red or IQOS 3 / IQOS 3 Multi Red blinking Holder light or IQOS holder red light blinking this indicates that the heating blade broken or Holder malfunction.

IQOS 3 Lights during charging:
IQOS 3 / IQOS 3 Multi Blinking white – the IQOS device is charging Steady white, then pulsing 3 times, then all lights off – IQOS 3 / IQOS 3 Multi device is fully charged.

If the IQOS 3 Holder is inserted upside down, there won’t be any LED indication of the Holder presence. Therefore, the IQOS 3 Holder won’t be charging. Please, ensure you insert the holder with the metal side facing down.

IQOS holder blinking green

If you holder is blinking green this indicates that your device is heating up. It usually takes up to 20 seconds for the IQOS to heat up and become ready to use.

IQOS 2.4 Plus Holder

An IQOS Holder has one LED light which flashes either white or red: Solid white means that you can begin your IQOS experience. A blinking IQOS white light indicates that your HEET stick is heating up, which takes about 20 seconds.

A solid IQOS red light means that your experience is almost over. Blinking red means that the holder is not charged, so get ready to charge up your IQOS.

Solid red means that your Holder has completely discharged. To charge it, place the Holder in the Pocket Charger and wait until it’s full (this should take around five minutes). A blinking IQOS red light indicates that your Holder is malfunctioning.

How to reset IQOS for Holder problems when the red light flashes

IQOS is fairly new electronics and its manufacturer constantly improves it . But it's not problemless at all. Some problems can be easily resolved by resetting the rechargeable base or restarting the holder. If you have IQOS Charging problem, or if the holder is charging for too long or if the holder flash with red light after pulling off from the base and not starts to heat the HEETS, you can try restarting before complaint device.

How to determine the battery status in the holder

The holder of the passionate smoker daily goes through about twenty charges, the battery is frequent charging adjusted. During use, its life will, of course, be shortened. Whether it's okay to find out easily:
Recharge the holder in the IQOS charger
Remove it from the charger and prepare the stopwatch (for example in your mobile phone)
Turn on the empty holder normally without HEETS
Simultaneously activate the stopwatch
Time is measured till full discharge when the holder itself goes out
If the battery is OK, you will reach approximately 5:40 to 6:00 minutes
When the end of battery life approaches, the holder can be used normally, but it starts to blink in red instead of normal white when charging. The battery in the holder is guaranteed for 12 months.

IQOS Frequently Asked Questions

What is IQOS?

IQOS is an alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke and want to enjoy real tobacco taste without many of the inconveniences of cigarettes, such as ash or smoke. It is not for people who have quit smoking or have never smoked.

IQOS is our most advanced smoke-free product that uses sophisticated electronics to heat tobacco instead of burning it to release a flavourful nicotine containing vapour.

Does IQOS produce smoke?

No, IQOS does not produce smoke because it does not burn tobacco. It generates a tobacco vapour that is what you see when using IQOS

Can I use cigarettes with IQOS devices?

No you should not. IQOS device has been designed to work exclusively with HEETS tobacco sticks, and vice versa.

It is only by using both together that you can take full advantage of the benefits that the system provides and that have been proven by PMI Science. All our studies are based on the use of IQOS with HEETS tobacco sticks.

What is the difference between cigarettes and IQOS?

IQOS provides real tobacco taste without fire, ash or cigarette smoke, and less smell.

IQOS generates a nicotine containing tobacco vapour. IQOS emits on average 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.*

Switching completely to IQOS is likely to present less risk to your health than continuing to smoke. However, IQOS is not risk-free and is addictive. If you are concerned about the health effects of smoking, your best option is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether.

IQOS bluetooth pairing

Getting started with iQOS

1. Load Open the iQOS Pocket Charger by pressing the hatch button 1 then load your iQOS Holder into the iQOS Pocket Charger and ensure that iQOS Holder contacts 10 are face down. The iQOS Holder button 8 must be facing the hatch button of the iQOS Pocket Charger, then close the hatch manually.
You should not put pressure on the iQOS Holder while inserting it in the iQOS Pocket Charger. If you feel a resistance and persist your iQOS Holder will be misaligned and will not charge. If misaligned, your iQOS Holder will not charge. To remove it from the iQOS Pocket Charger, just pull it out firmly, align and load it back into the iQOS Pocket Charger.

2. Plug Take the USB cable provided, plug the USB end into the iQOS USB Power Adaptor, and plug the micro USB end into iQOS Pocket Charger Micro USB Charging Port 5 . Then, connect the iQOS USB Power Adaptor to an electrical outlet. You can also connect the USB end of the USB cable to any USB port to charge your iQOS Pocket Charger and iQOS Holder. However please note that charging via a laptop or a USB receiver will significantly increase the charging time.

3. Switch ON/OFF and charge Now that your iQOS System is plugged into an energy source, you must switch ON the iQOS System by pressing the iQOS Pocket Charger power button 4 for 3 seconds. iQOS Pocket Charger LEDs display 2.1 + 2.2 will be activated and you will see on the iQOS Pocket Charger that LEDs are blinking green, this is to inform you the iQOS System is charging. Your iQOS Holder will be charged and ready to be used in up to 6 minutes. Your iQOS Pocket Charger will be partially charged after around 45 minutes and fully charged after around 90 minutes. To switch OFF your iQOS System press and hold the iQOS Pocket Charger power button 4 for 5 seconds. The iQOS Holder and iQOS Pocket Charger will switch to OFF mode and it means that no automatic heater clean will be performed at this time. A partial charge of your iQOS Pocket Charger is enough for a few recharges of your iQOS Holder but it will not be enough to recharge your iQOS Holder 20 times.

4. Your first HeatStick (sold separately) Only use HeatStick with the iQOS Holder. Never use a cigarette or other products/objects, doing so will void your ‘Warranty’. iQOS Holder works exclusively and uniquely with HeatSticks. Never light a HeatStick with a match, lighter or any other flame source. Heatsticks are made of a filter and a tobacco plug. After use you may notice some spots or discoloration on the HeatStick. This occurs during the course of normal usage.

How to use iQOS?

First thing to do Remove your charged iQOS Holder from the iQOS Pocket Charger. Insert a HeatStick into your iQOS Holder tobacco-side down. Never twist or remove a HeatStick before fully pulling up/out the cap 12 from the iQOS Holder. Doing so will severely damage your iQOS Holder’s heater. Check that the HeatStick is inserted correctly by having the HeatStick filter aligned with the top of the iQOS Holder cap

1. Press and hold the iQOS Holder button 8 for 2 seconds, then the iQOS Holder button LED 11 will blink green to heat the tobacco plug at the optimal temperature for up to 20 seconds.

2. When the iQOS Holder button LED remains solid green, you can enjoy your HeatStick for up to approximately 6 minutes or 14 puffs.

3. After around 5 ½ minutes, the last 30 seconds before the experience ends, the iQOS Holder button LED will switch to a solid orange .

4. When the iQOS Holder button LED goes off, the experience is finished. If your iQOS Holder turns itself OFF while you puff, it is to prevent overheating of the HeatStick. Heavy or rapid puffing will cause the iQOS Holder to automatically reduce the heat or to shut down. Should this happen, remove the used HeatStick, dispose of it, and recharge your iQOS Holder. It is normal for your iQOS Holder to become warm during use as the HeatStick tobacco plug is heated by the iQOS Holder’s heater.

5. Remove your HeatStick from iQOS Holder Now that your experience is over, you have to remove the HeatStick from your iQOS Holder. This can be done in two steps: the first Step 1 is to pull up the cap 12 from your iQOS Holder until it stops; the second Step 2 is to pull out the used HeatStick from the cap.

HeatSticks can be disposed of with normal waste. Be informed that you can also completely remove the cap 12 from your iQOS Holder body 9 to remove a HeatStick. If you do so, please pay attention to align the cap with the iQOS Holder button 8 when you put the cap back onto the iQOS Holder.

You can switch OFF your iQOS Holder experience at any moment, to do so press and hold the iQOS Holder button for 3 seconds, it will then switch OFF. You can’t resume it and you must dispose of the HeatStick with normal waste. Then load back your iQOS Holder in the iQOS Pocket Charger to be recharged.

Please note that the removal of the HeatStick will not end the heating process of your iQOS Holder. Since your iQOS does not burn tobacco, there will be less odour on your clothes.

Removing HeatStick fragments

Sometimes a part of a HeatStick will remain stuck in your iQOS Holder cap 12 . Most of time, this is happening when you do not pull the iQOS Holder cap before removing the HeatStick. To remove it, please do the following:

-1 Pull out the cleaning hook from your iQOS Cleaner long brush
-2 Completely remove the cap from the iQOS Holder.

If required, the iQOS Holder cap can be cleaned by immersing it in warm water for 5 minutes. This will completely remove residue which can build up over time. Always ensure clean warm drinking water is used and that the cap is completely dry before re-using it with your iQOS Holder.

-3 Insert the cleaning hook into the Holder’s cap, then clean using a twisting and an up-and-down motion. Remove the cleaning hook from the iQOS Holder’s cap, gently tap both sides of the iQOS Holder’s cap to loosen and release any tobacco fragments. Repeat until clean.

Is IQOS warm?

Especially in winter, but also during the cold summer nights, the holder can easily cool down, it is very sensitive to temperature changes. Take it in your hand and, if it's cold, warm it up and then try charging it again.

If the holder is properly plugged in, the cover is closed and the red light is on, connect the charging base. Sometimes it signals one or two dots, but it is already exhausted.
Try resetting both IQOS parts, reset the charging base by pressing the Bluetooth button and the switch, reset the holder after discharging by holding down the button for a long time until it goes out.
Clean the holder at the bottom, the touchpads get dirty sometimes and do not fit properly on the connectors, with plain rubber for example. You can blow up the base where there may be dirt, dust, or scraps of tobacco.
The last advice sounds strange. Wait until you will have withdrawal symptoms. I know a lot of examples where the device start works normally after a few minutes (sometimes hours), and then it works simply as if nothing has happened.

IQOS complaint

Nobody wants this last step. But if you are sure, that you checked and tried everything and nothing worked, you should complain the device. The IQOS complaint can be done in branded shops, pop-up stalls, and the Geco or Valmont shops while you wait. IQOS is exchanged for one piece per piece without more fault detection.

Complaints at IQOS brand stores and in pop-up stalls in shopping centers.
Complaints by calling the IQOS Customer Center.
While claiming you just need to have an IQOS device registered to your account, you do not need a bill or a box. Only have one defective device, the worker will fill in the protocol with you, the Complaint Department will later disconnect the original device from your account and attach new ones. The operation takes only a few minutes.

How to clean the wet IQOS after washing, soaking with salt water or other liquid

Have you soaked your IQOS or holder? Did you wash it in the washing machine, it fell into beer or coffee? Learn how to proceed cleaning during the first few moments.

Watered electronics is always a problem, and despite all user myths about functional drowned mobiles, it's actually very often about its irreparable damage. Learn how to give first aid to your IQOS and try to save it.

The mobile is an unstoppable device, occasionally falling, and when you are out of luck just in the water. In the best case. In the worse to sweetened drink, beer and the worst in the sea. Do not panic, it may not be all lost, but definitely hurry.

The ideal thing is not to treat the device and immediately take it to the first electronics service. The guarantee is gone anyway, so anyone with a little practice and tools can open it. Immediate cleaning will not ruin you as a future repair or purchase of a new one. Do not complain that nothing has happened, time is deciding, so fast to the service.

Do not heat the IQOS or the Heeter, you will just blow the liquid further than it was.
Do not force the device violently on hot heating, in a hot car, in a microwave or oven, to spoil more than to solve.
Immediately distribute the device to a maximum of detachable parts, the IQOS is hollow, so it will be full of water, but the covers can be easily removed.
Forget the rice, it will help you from moisture, but not after bathing. Moreover, only from the surface, of course, does not remove water from inside the device.
Water or coffee is not as bad as it would seem, worse is sugar.


Tips and Tricks

Tips, tricks and instructions on how to use the IQOS electronic cigarette, tutorials how to clean properly and avoid malfunctions. We advise you on what to do when drowning or blinking a red light, where to complain and which HEETS cartridges are best to make a cigarette-smoking experience.

How to connect IQOS via Bluetooth with mobile app IQOS Connect 3.0?
You can connect IQOS with your Bluetooth mobile and set up additional services and notifications in the application, reset or locate the lost device within reach.

How to clean the wet IQOS
Do not heat the IQOS or the Heeter, you will just blow the liquid further than it was. Do not force the device violently on hot heating, in a hot car, in a microwave or oven, to spoil more than to solve.
Immediately distribute the device to a maximum of detachable parts, the IQOS is hollow, so it will be full of water, but the covers can be easily removed. Forget the rice, it will help you from moisture, but not after bathing. Moreover, only from the surface, of course, does not remove water from inside the device. Water or coffee is not as bad as it would seem, worse is sugar.

IQOS Holder Red Light user Review

Please review IQOS Holder Red Light application and submit your comments below. We will collect all comments in an effort to determine whether the IQOS Holder Red Light software is reliable, perform as expected and deliver the promised features and functionalities.

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