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  Software titles : 151-175 of  218 found.
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151 - LaunchMeNot  1.10
Application launcher and startup manager with the option to abort.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows XP    Size: 891 KB
  04/09/2018 Download Now
152 - Perfect Keyboard, Standard Edition  7.4.5
Assign key shortcuts to powerful macros, type faster, eliminate repetitive tasks
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 4.5 MB
  11/29/2018 Download Now
153 - Simple Launch  5.0
A powerful tool to manage applications.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 788 KB
  09/29/2019 Download Now
154 - The Lock XP Security Manager Server  5.07.0122
This widget allows you to connect and listen to 98 Rock Radio
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 6.20 MB
  08/05/2018 Download Now
155 - Djuggler Business  4.0.4
Create web scrapers and automate web forms with a simple editor.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 6.8 MB
  06/04/2018 Download Now
156 - QwikSecure File Protection System  3.01
QwikSecure File Protection System is a fast and powerful way to protect your sensative files
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 1.81 MB
  01/02/2018 Download Now
157 - SuperLauncher
SuperLauncher : Launch and schedule your favorite programs, documents, folders and websites easily with the help of this intuitive piece of software
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 3.6 MB KB
  7/22/2019 Download Now
158 - nMacro  2.0.2
nMacro is an automation tool, and a development tool to create stand alone exes.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 611 KB
  01/13/2018 Download Now
159 - Launcher - Pro Edition  1.8.4
Launcher is an easy-to-use personal shortcut manager to launch all file kinds.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 1.3 MB
  03/27/2018 Download Now
160 - HydraMouse  3.20
HydraMouse : Assign actions to the buttons of your mouse, even if it has more than 5 buttons
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: Windows XP    Size: 2.8 MB KB
  03/24/2019 Download Now
FileLock is the perfect access control software tool for individuals, business persons, and IT professionals to keep files safe
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: Windows 2K/XP/2003    Size: 3.32 MB
  11/05/2018 Download Now
162 - QuoteCore Retriever 1-Month License
QuoteCore Retriever was designed to work with all kinds of data from financial markets...
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 1 MB
  12/09/2018 Download Now
163 - NikNak 2003 V1.0.0
A variety of everyday useful information and QuickStart buttons all in one place
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 571 KB
  09/18/2018 Download Now
164 - CTMan  1.1
A tool to manage executing of regular command-line tasks on your computer
License: Freeware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 717 KB
  01/25/2018 Download Now
165 - Ki-toolbar XP
Windows customizable toolbars taskbars /wallpaper manager on dual screen display
License: Shareware    OS: Windows XP    Size: 4.5 MB
  10/07/2018 Download Now
166 - Radish scheduler  1.0.0
Define jobs and schedule their execution. FTP transfer, mail, syslog, ...
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 676 KB
  04/12/2018 Download Now
167 - SDR Key Recorder  1.1
SDR Key Recorder is a easy to use application that will give you the possibility
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.1 MB
  02/15/2018 Download Now
168 - Easy Wallpaper Changer  2.0
Easy Wallpaper Changer allows you to change wallpaper quickly and easily.
License: Freeware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 854 KB
  07/15/2018 Download Now
169 - ID Unlocker  1.2
ID Unlocker is a handy utility which acts as an Explorer extension to help you unlock files
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 1.29 MB
  06/24/2018 Download Now
170 - Folder Scout Professional  1.2.0
Folder Scout gives you instant access to any Drive, Folder or File on your PC.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 3.9 MB
  08/14/2018 Download Now
171 - Hotkey Commander  2.1
Hotkey Commander : Explore, manage, disable or override hotkeys in Windows system.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 335 KB KB
  03/24/2019 Download Now
172 - RunClik  1.0.1
RunClik - launch several programs with just one click.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 563 KB
  09/29/2019 Download Now
173 - PowerOut
PowerOut is a simple network interface for your Power Management Options
License: Commercial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 19.7 MB
  06/01/2018 Download Now
174 - Almeza MultiSet Enterprise  7.8.8
Create a bootable disk/USB for unattended installation of Windows and software
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 6.6 MB
  02/09/2018 Download Now
175 - YourLaunchBar  1.0
YourLaunchBar is a light and non obtrusive program launcher for Windows.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 6.4 MB
  06/11/2018 Download Now

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