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  Software titles : 201-225 of  280 found.
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201 - QVCS 3.7 build  12
QVCS is an affordable version control system for the Windows developer
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.46 MB
  03/12/2019 Download Now
202 - Code Chameleon  1.1
Code anything easily with this powerful, flexible, and extensible editor supporting multitudes of programming and scripting languages: ActionScript, Active Server Pages (ASP), ADA, Apache, BASIC, batch files, C, C++, C#, Cascading Style Sheets (css), ColdFusion templates, Fortran, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl script, PHP, SQL, TCL, and VB Script.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 1.91 MB
  02/02/2019 Download Now
203 - PrEditor  2.1
A syntax colouring programmer's editor for program languages, scripts, HTML, configuration files, and documentation.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.28 MB
  01/10/2019 Download Now
204 - JotPage  3.1.4
Create Banner Text, Calendars, Bar Graphs, and many other fancy text tricks with the simple click of a button! If you need to produce a great looking document, but are restricted to plain text only, then this is the program for you.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 2000    Size: 1.09 MB
  03/12/2019 Download Now
205 - db4o  5.5
db4o (database for objects) is the open source object database. Features include native Java and .NET object persistence, object-oriented replication, automatic schema recognition, 400K footprint. Ideal for embedded use and in realtime systems.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 390 KB
  03/02/2019 Download Now
206 - EditPad Lite  5.3.0
Convenient basic text editor
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 973 KB
  01/02/2019 Download Now
207 - GCEdit  v1.0
provides a graphical interface for editing Windows configuration files.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 3 MB
  02/27/2019 Download Now
208 - Hex Express  v1.1
is a powerful, easy-to-use editor that allows you view and edit binary files in hexadecimal mode.
License: 30-day Trial    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000    Size: 396 KB
  02/18/2019 Download Now
209 - Carabao DIY Machine Translation Kit  0.31
Carabao (full name: Carabao Do-It-Yourself Machine Translation Kit) is a completely open machine translation toolkit.
License: Freeware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.54 MB
  02/26/2019 Download Now
210 - NoteMagic
Ever wonder why such a wimpy text editor shipped with Windows? Why Notepad has no features? How do you spell check a text document? How do you open more than 1 text file at a time? How do you open large text files? Well, wonder no more and download NoteMagic, a text editor on steroids, with more features than some word processors.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 7.13 MB
  02/07/2019 Download Now
211 - RemotePad  v1.0
is a text editor which allows you to edit text files locally and remotely.
License: 30-day Trial    OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT    Size: 2 MB
  01/15/2019 Download Now
212 - Help Development Studio  1.92
Help Development Studio is a popular, full-featured, stand-alone help authoring tool, which is designed to create WinHelp, HTML Help, and Web Help files from the same source. Download your free trial copy now!
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 1364 KB
  01/28/2019 Download Now
213 - Oceantiger jDeveloper  2.9
This program is an editor that has builtin tools to generate html and java code, and additional tools to help in the writing of code, so that you can write more code in less time.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 1.96 MB
  03/05/2019 Download Now
214 - Add-in OzGrid Plus  1
Eight Excel Add-ins in one.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 64 KB
  03/04/2019 Download Now
215 - m9P Editor  1.0
m9P Editor is a text editor
License: Freeware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 432 KB
  03/06/2019 Download Now
216 - AgFlowchart
AgFlowchart is a excellent source code flowcharting tool to generate flowchart from source code
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 0.64 MB
  03/12/2019 Download Now
217 - Visual Paradigm for UML (Standard Edition) for Mac OS X  5.3 SP3
Visual Paradigm for UML is an easy-to-use UML tool that supports reverse engineering, code generation, import Rational Rose, export/import XMI, report generator, MS Visio integration. New features include generate report in MS Word format, support UML 2.1, etc.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 84878 KB
  02/20/2019 Download Now
218 - txtPro  4.01
All-in-one multi language code/script editor.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.95 MB
  03/10/2019 Download Now
219 - Sequence Diagram Editor  1.6
Modeling tool that simplifies and speeds up the creation and maintenance of UML sequence diagrams and telecom/wrieless call flow diagrams. It automatically takes care of layout and formatting (across multiple pages if needed).
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 6984 KB
  01/17/2019 Download Now
220 - FuzzySearch  2.3.1
FuzzySearch library is an approximate string matching concerns to find patterns in texts in presence of "mismatches" or "errors".
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 1074 KB
  02/22/2019 Download Now
221 - Kon  2.0
A programmable text editor
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 740 KB
  01/12/2019 Download Now
222 - SMART Metrics  1.0.1
Multiple-language sourcecode metrics reporting tool
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2 MB
  02/20/2019 Download Now
223 - Morovia MSI Plessey Barcode Fontware  1
Morovia MSI Barcode Font contains 10 fonts
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 1.64 MB
  03/12/2019 Download Now
224 - Screensaver Factory 3 Pro  3.2
With Screensaver Factory you can create screensavers for yourself or unlimited royalty-free distribution
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.32 MB
  01/21/2019 Download Now
225 - CodeWorker  3.12
A scripting language for producing reusable, tailor-made, evolvable and reliable IT systems with a high level of automation.
License: Freeware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 0.59 MB
  03/12/2019 Download Now

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