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   Home Planet Full Edition (v3.0) Free Download
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Category: Astronomy 
Publisher: SF Development      More titles >>
Last Updated: Aug 27, 1999
Requirements: Not specified
License: Freeware
Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
Hits: 5451
File size: 7 MB
Price: Not specified

Home Planet Full Edition  v3.0 Description:

is a comprehensive collection of astronomy and satellite-tracking tools. The program allows you to view a map of Earth, displaying day and night regions, location of the Moon and current phase, and position of a selected Earth satellite.

Earth maps can be customized and extended by editing a DLL file which provides maps to Home Planet.

Features of the program include: a panel showing detailed position and phase data for the Sun and Moon; a panel displaying positions of planets and a selected asteroid or comet, both geocentric and from your location; and a sky map, based on either the Yale Bright Star Catalogue, or the 256,000 star SAO catalogue, including rendering of spectral types, planets, Earth satellites, asteroids, and comets (celestial coordinates are included, and an extensive and user-extensible deep-sky database includes all Messier objects and many of the NGC objects).

Home Planet also includes databases of the orbital elements of 5632 asteroids and principal periodic comets, letting you select and track any of them. These databases can be user-extended using standard orbital elements.

Moreover, DOS utility programs are supplied, which convert asteroid and comet orbital elements in the form published in Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs) to the CSV format used by Home Planet. Subscribers to the MPECs can thus easily add newly reported asteroids and comets to the database.

Furthermore, there is a telescope window which can be aimed by clicking on the sky map, the telescope itself, by entering coordinates, or by selecting an object in the Object Catalogue.

Limiting magnitude, labeling, coordinate display, and more can be easily predefined. You simply right-click on an object to display its entry in the Object Catalogue. Stellar magnitudes can also be plotted for stars in a given magnitude range in the telescope window. This makes it easy to create comparison star charts for variable star observations.

Additionally, Home Planet features a horizon window which shows the view toward the horizon at any given azimuth. The horizon can be adorned with fractal-forged terrain and randomly generated scenery, including houses, livestock, and trees. The scenery is generated by a user-extensible DLL file which allows customization.

The Object Catalogue enables you to archive images, sounds, and tabular data about celestial objects. Both new objects and categories can be added, and bidirectionally linked to the Telescope window.

Chart catalogues, selectable from within the Object Catalogue, can be plotted in all sky view windows (Sky, Telescope, and Horizon). Objects are specified by right ascension and declination, and can use any of the star, deep-sky, satellite, or user-extensible scenery icons, as well as text (in various colors) with user-defined justification. Commands allow plotting straight lines and lines which curve along parallels of latitude.

The Orrery function allows you to view the Solar System, including a selected asteroid or comet, from any vantage point in space, in a variety of projections.

The Satellite Tracking panel lets you select an Earth satellite from a database of two-line elements, and see its current position and altitude. The satellite is shown as an icon on the Earth map, Sky, Telescope, and Horizon windows.

You can also use the View Earth From panel, which enables you to view a texture-mapped image of the Earth as seen from the Sun, Moon, a selected Earth satellite, above the observing location, or the antisolar point.

The DDE server permits you to export real-time Sun, Earth, and Moon information to any DDE client. A sample Microsoft Excel worksheet is included.

The Catalogue Look-Up allows you to right-click in any of the sky windows (Sky, Telescope, or Horizon) and locate the closest object in the Object Catalogue. With no keyboard modifier, this searches all eligible catalogues. With the Shift, Control, or Shift-Control keys, you can direct the search to a specific catalogue. Catalogues are provided which give the chart plate number for the given location in the following atlases: Shift for the Sky Atlas 2000.0; Control for the Uranometria 2000.0; and Shift-Control for the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey.

In addition, the Observing Site selection lets you choose a site by clicking on the world map or from a database of more than 1300 cities and towns.

Animation enables you to put the heavens into motion, with selectable speed, time direction, and time step. You can demonstrate seasonal changes, Moon phases, satellite orbits, precession, proper motion, and more.

The time and date can be set to any moment from 4713 BCE into the distant future. Examples of historical research are included.

Finally, an optional screen saver which displays an illuminated Earth and Moon phase is included.


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