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  All Categories: Programming >> DLLs and Libraries
  Software titles : 626-650 of  818 found.
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626 - Chilkat Python Email Library (7.4)
The Chilkat Python email library fully supports SMTP, POP3, MIME, HTML, SSL, S/MIME, secure authentication, attachments, SSL, zip and unzip of attachments, XML import/export, and is fully internationalized to handle email in any language.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 2000 KB
  10/19/2006 Download Now
627 - ExplorerBarXP (2.0)
ExplorerBarXP™ is an ActiveX control that accurately emulates the ExplorerBar control found in Microsoft Windows XP. An explorer bar provides a way to display multiple commands or pieces of information to your users, grouped into logical sections.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 972 KB
  4/8/2006 Download Now
628 - Themed .NET Wizard (1.01)
Themed Wizard allows you to rapidly create wizard style interfaces in your .NET 2.0 WinForm application. With twelve included themes, designer navigation, and smart tags; Themed Wizard will make your WinForm application stand out from the crowd.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 5848 KB
  10/5/2006 Download Now
629 - Secure File Delete ActiveX (3.0)
Secure File Delete Wizard is an ActiveX control that allows you to completely wipe a file or directories data from disk securely so that there is no chance of recovery. This allows for the safe destruction of data for privacy and security.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 739 KB
  7/6/2005 Download Now
630 - VideoLab VC++ (2.2.1)
VideoLab is a set of Visual C++ components for fast video processing. They allow fast complex video manipulations with just few lines of program code. The library supports huge number of formats and technologies. Free for non-commercial use.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 34646 KB
  3/26/2006 Download Now
631 - JbcParser (2.8)
JbcParser is a mathematical expression parser for Java. It parses and evaluates expressions given as strings at runtime. Comes with predefined math functions. Users can define their own functions and variables.
License: Shareware    OS: Cross Platform    Size: 488 KB
  10/12/2003 Download Now
632 - JDiagram (1.0)
JDiagram is a Java component that helps you create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database entity-relationship diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees.
License: Commercial    OS: Other    Size: 4302 KB
  10/24/2006 Download Now
633 - FuzzySearch (2.3.1)
Fuzzy searching is the tool for search string occurence with error.
License: 30-day Trial    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 1074 KB
  09/20/2005 Download Now
634 - Windows Std Serial Comm Lib for Visual Basic (4.2)
Serial communications component VB library for VB and VB.NET programmers. Control multiple serial ports simultaneously. Includes modem control, ANSI emulation, ASCII/XMODEM/YMODEM, virtual ports usb bluetooth serial, hardware/software flow control.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 411 KB
  2/21/2006 Download Now
635 - DC Form Flipper (1.0)[Buy Now]
Form Flipper allows you to Support Eastern Language , we support right to left application by changing alignment to right and orientation by flip form horizontally 180
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 1019 KB
  2/4/2004 Download Now
636 - Alvas.Scriptor (2.0)[Buy Now]
Alvas.Scriptor - components set, which adds scripting possibility to Your applications. It allows C# and VB.Net developers to create adaptable applications with easy changable logic and interface. All components are written in C#
License: Demo    OS: Windows    Size: 103 KB
  1/3/2005 Download Now
637 - IP Wizard ActiveX (3.0)
Make your project utilize all of the capabilities that the Internet has to offer with easy to use ActiveX controls that are straight-forward and have extensive features.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 5140 KB
  7/1/2005 Download Now
638 - ESRI Shapefile Plug-In for GIS.NET (2.0)
ESRI shapefiles are one of the most popular spatial data formats for describing features on Earth's surface. This plug-in adds support for ESRI shapefile data in GIS.NET. Quickly load and create shapes (.SHP) as well a annotation (.DBF) files!
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 5505 KB
  9/7/2006 Download Now
639 - HS X.25 C Source Library (1.0)
HS X.25 is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements ITU-T recommendation X.25. (with included HsDL (Data Link) and HsSock (Winsock interface) for X.25 over IP applications (XOT))
License: Demo    OS: Windows    Size: 344 KB
  5/19/2006 Download Now
640 - Kellerman .NET Logger (1.03)
Kellerman Logger is an easy to use, high performance logging framework for .NET 2.0 with the ability to log to multiple destinations. Kellerman Logger is faster and easier to use than Log4Net.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 4853 KB
  11/11/2006 Download Now
641 - Gastown Delphi Command Line Parser (1.1.0)
Easily handle command line parameters. Allows you to automaticly handle double-quoted strings, support short and long parameter names, directory and filename parameters, validate parameters, generate error messages, display help, and more!
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 393 KB
  10/23/2006 Download Now
642 - SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) (4.4)
SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX edition) is a comprehensive collection of native components that add client-side support for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to your Visual Basic or C++ applications. SFTPBlackbox includes complete SSH protocol support.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 5538 KB
  5/16/2006 Download Now
643 - blueshell Active Tables for .NET (3.0.6)
Much more than a database grid!
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.34 MB
  9/21/2003 Download Now
644 - XBundler (1)
Embed Dynamic Link Libraries DLLs and data files to be embedded inside an application, simplifying the distribution of your application to your customers and avoiding your DLLs and data files being used by third party software
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 178 KB
  8/8/2005 Download Now
645 - DC Help Authority (1.0)[Buy Now]
Help Authority that allows you to assign a sensitive help for every control in within your form or even every column in your grid
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 1058 KB
  2/4/2004 Download Now
646 - AS TRANS WIN32 DLL (1.1)[Buy Now]
From Win2000 there is windows support for transparent windows.Now you can have this under your control
License: Demo    OS: Windows    Size: 28 KB
  9/12/2006 Download Now
647 - Intellexer Spellchecker SDK (
Add spell checker capabilities to your Windows projects! With EffectiveSoft Spellchecker SDK this is easy. The development library contains a common DLL interface and interfaces for C++ and .NET with corresponding documentation and examples.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 2283 KB
  9/5/2006 Download Now
648 - Chilkat Perl MHT Library (5.0)
The Chilkat Perl MHT library provides an API for creating and unpacking MHT files.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 2000 KB
  10/19/2006 Download Now
649 - JGo (5.15)
Build custom interactive diagrams, network, workflow editors, flowcharts, or software design tools. Includes many predefined kinds of nodes and links. For Swing or for SWT/Eclipse. Flexible, extensible. Optional automatic layout and instruments.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 5371 KB
  1/27/2006 Download Now
650 - Chilkat .NET Zip Component (2.0 Framework) (12.3)
.NET 2.0 Zip component for C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET providing managed classes for creating, managing, and unzipping Zip archives. Supports progress monitoring, AES strong-encryption, Gzip, Unix .Z compression, and creating self-extractor EXE’s.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 1500 KB
  7/18/2006 Download Now

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