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  All Categories: Web And Internet >> General
  Software titles : 1026-1050 of  1678 found.
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1026 - Beyond Remote (
Telecommute, travel and remotely access your programs and files. Provide remote support through firewalls in seconds. New Host Discovery makes remote support setup and management a breeze! New GUI is translated into 9 languages. Free Trial.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 5994 KB
  1/13/2007 Download Now
1027 - Remote Registry Updater (2.0)
Remote Registry Updater is a utility that allows administrators to query and update registry key values on multiple machines in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hives.
License: Shareware    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 554 KB
  4/30/2004 Download Now
1028 - NetworkActiv AUTAPF (1.0.7)
Permite que usted remita (volver a dirigir) puertos del UDP y del TCP. Los puertos múltiples se pueden remitir simultáneamente. Puede registrar conexio'n-acontecimientos a un archivo de texto.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 520 KB
  9/21/2006 Download Now
1029 - UpdatePatrol - A Website watcher (2.1)
Select which web sites to watch, and how often you want these web pages searched. The program will work silently in the background, and notify you when there are changes to the selected sites or blogs. View the sites with changes highlighted.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 2144 KB
  11/21/2006 Download Now
1030 - TrafficEmulator (1.4)
Nsasoft Network Traffic Emulator generates IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP traffic from clients to server to stress test servers, routers and firewalls under heavy network load. It is a very simple and fast program which can simulate client activity.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows    Size: 427 KB
  10/21/2005 Download Now
1031 - MSN Messenger Monitor Sniffer (3.0)[Buy Now]
Monitor and Sniff MSN Messenge chat conversations on all computers in network,It is able to record conversations automatically in real time,And export all intercepted messages to HTML files
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 1136 KB
  4/26/2006 Download Now
1032 - BufferZone Security for P2P File Sharing (2.10-37)
BufferZone Security for P2P File Sharing protects your PC against viruses, spyware and other threats--even against new and yet unknown threats downloaded via P2P by means of virtualization, while sharing music, video clips, or any other file.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows    Size: 8936 KB
  10/26/2006 Download Now
1033 - IENavigator (2.0.09)
Load multiple pages with a single click, translate into various languages and web page voicing, manage the opened Internet Explorer windows, save and load the lists of IE pages - all for comfortable web surfing
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.69 MB
  11/28/2004 Download Now
1034 - Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) (2.0)
ARKAD is a powerful reporting tool for the Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise. ARKAD collects configuration information about various objects and their properties in the Active Directory and reports them in a simple and elegant format.
License: Commercial    OS: Windows    Size: 5874 KB
  8/29/2006 Download Now
1035 - ConquerCam (2.7b3)
ConquerCam is an easy to use application for grabbing images from your web cam, preparing them with various effects and uploading them to your web site.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 2.3 MB
  9/26/2003 Download Now
1036 - SuperBot (3.10.0046A)
SuperBot downloads entire websites automatically, and saves them on your computer. Thanks to SuperBot`s HTML rewriting technology, the copied websites look and feel just like the online versions.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 0.7 MB
  9/8/2003 Download Now
1037 - TimelyWeb (4.2a)[Buy Now]
TimelyWeb helps you track updates of web pages and ftp resources.
License: Time-limited Trial    OS: 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP    Size: 2.11 MB
  6/4/2005 Download Now
1038 - TCP Spy (2.13)
TCP Spy captures and displays all socket calls that an application makes and the data that is sent and received on the application's sockets. TCP Spy will work with any type of application.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 564 KB
  5/21/2005 Download Now
1039 - IEJet-Popup Killer and Ad Stopper (1.41)
It is a compact and efficent plug-in of IE.It can: Block the annoying popup ad/ads windows; Block Messenger Spam; Block Macromedia Flash; BOSS KEY to minimize/close all IE windows within 1 second; Control the images size that you want to download
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 358 KB
  3/26/2003 Download Now
1040 - Net-Probe (2.1.0)
Real-time networked device and network monitoring, integrating graphs, alarms and actions (send email, sms, service restart etc) onto a rich graphical representation. Wizard Based, including setup wizard used to scan & draw a network in a few steps.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 7112 KB
  10/30/2006 Download Now
1041 - Best Web Hosting Review Tool (1.1)
Compare the best web hosting companies. Read our full reviews of web hosting companies. At a glance best web hosting comparison chart shows you what each plan consists of.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows    Size: 373 KB
  1/29/2007 Download Now
1042 - Pop Stop (V1A)
Pop ups are an increasing annoyance and takes away from an enjoyable web experience. Pop-up windows are introduced in stealth, when unsuspecting customers download freeware, shareware or sometimes by just visiting websites.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 6933 KB
  7/6/2003 Download Now
1043 - 3wGet (1.5)
3wGet is intended for downloading files from remote servers through Internet. Using of 3wGet allows solving a number of problems rising before users which download files from network:
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 0.49 MB
  1/7/2004 Download Now
1044 - AlbumWeb (3.1)[Buy Now]
AlbumWeb is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to create web albums from pictures, photos, video clips, etc. Web album can be used at home and at the office.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows    Size: 8822 KB
  3/17/2007 Download Now
1045 - Any@Web (2.70.1212)
Any@Web is a powerful software specifically designed to monitor, record and restrict Internet activities in the network. It records any web pages viewed, files uploaded & downloaded and emails sent and received through any computers in the network.
License: Demo    OS: Windows    Size: 5519 KB
  12/12/2004 Download Now
1046 - Toolbar ( Radio Toolbar is a useful Extension that gives you the chance to listen to more then 150 live radio stations from UK,Read News from Australia, search with 18 search engines,Pop up Blocker,Translator any languages and much more.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows    Size: 755 KB
  12/7/2006 Download Now
1047 - ZillaFTP (2.4)
Transfer files easily using this intuitive and powerful full-featured FTP client with Multi-Language Support. ZillaFTP is a multithreaded FTP client for Windows that lets you update a Web site with a single click and resume interrupted downloads or uploads.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 5 MB
  5/25/2002 Download Now
1048 - Proxy Vampire (2.1)
Proxy Vampire, a program based on unique proxy search algorithms, will quickly find and check any types of proxy servers for you. It is surprisingly easy to use, yet it can be flexibly customized.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows    Size: 1591 KB
  1/19/2007 Download Now
1049 - TZ Popup Killer and Ads Filter (
Popup Killer is not just another Pop Up Stopper. By intelligently filtering out the annoying aspects of browsing the net, Pop up Killer allows you the freedom to experience all the good.
License: Shareware    OS: Windows 9X/ME/2K/XP/2003    Size: 4.23 MB
  5/23/2004 Download Now
1050 - GigaTribe (2.28)
Create a private file-sharing (P2P) network to exchange large files with friends. Only users you have invited will see the folders you're sharing. All exchanges are strongly encrypted. Interrupted exchanges automatically resume with no data loss.
License: Freeware    OS: Windows    Size: 1645 KB
  3/20/2007 Download Now

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