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  All Categories: Linux >> Multimedia and Sound

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Category Highlights

Simple 9k6 packet modem
License: Not Specified
  8/6/2003 Download Now

Driver for z8530 based HDLC cards for AX.25
License: Not Specified
  1/2/2004 Download Now

AX25 driver
License: Not Specified
  4/12/2003 Download Now

PSK31 for Linux/Soundblaster
License: Not Specified
  6/22/2003 Download Now

Amateur Radio Logging program for X using GTK
License: Not Specified
  9/10/2003 Download Now

secureSWF Lite (1.0)
secureSWF™ Lite is a robust obfuscator for Macromedia® Flash® ActionScript. It allows you to obfuscate your ActionScript code, and prevents re-compilation and illegal code reuse. It has a well-designed user-friendly interface, and lots of other cool features. And best of all, it is FREE!!
License: Freeware    Size: 1.33 MB
  8/01/2005 Download Now